Helping Teen Moms for God’s Glory

5 Jun

Yesterday we were able to bless over 15 pregnant teens and mostly single moms, and we had a great time doing it at a baby shower that we threw for them!  🙂

shower 15

shower 12

shower 13

My favorite part was seeing them win prizes, get excited over taking home stuffed animals and clothes for their babies, and when the pregnancy hormones came out and they got competitive over who won the baby shower games!!lol… 🙂

shower 10

shower 8

shower 1

Here are a few pictures from our event:

shower 2

shower 3

shower 4

As God’s people, we should be out there helping and blessing others at every chance that we get, and that is exactly what we did!  (And the volunteers had fun in the process too – the food was yummy, and it was great to meet all the soon to be moms and hear their stories!) 🙂

shower 5

We were even able to pray and do a devotional with them, and they really enjoyed it.

shower 11

So today, don’t forget to help someone, and in the midst of helping, to take some time to rejuvenate yourself.  🙂  Yes; it’s great to help others, but we also need personal time to “refuel” through prayer, reading God’s word, and spending quiet time with the Lord.

shower 7

shower 9

I invite you to do that with us at our Brides in Training Brunch and Luau!  It will be an awesome time of prayer, worship, pampering, ministry, speakers, Hawaiian food (it’s a luau!)  🙂 and time to lounge in the pool and Jacuzzi with friends!



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