Praising God – Possible Donor for Brides in Training!

12 Jun


I am so excited to announce that we may have a donor for our Brides in Training Brunch and Luau, which is an awesome event that involves dynamic Christian speakers who will be teaching on relationships, missions, and and being a missionary for Christ right in our own backyards.  Our event will also include pampering, a massage therapist and Chiropractor on hand who will be giving soft tissue massage, hand and foot soaks, and a fully catered Hawaiian Brunch and Luau. 🙂 

We will also be doing worship as well as have time at the end to relax with new friends and sisters in Christ in the jacuzzi and pool, in addition to having vendors on hand who will be selling beauty products, Shea butter, and jewelry. 🙂

There were a few who couldn’t make it due to financial difficulties, but praise the Lord that we now have a donor and a few others who are making it possible for everyone to attend!

I am so encouraged – God is so good, and if He wants something to work out, He is faithful and will always make a way!! 🙂

I hope that you can join us as well as well for an awesome time of worship, ministry, and yummy food.  See you at our second Brides in Training Brunch and Luau: equipping women to be missionaries in their own backyards! 🙂

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