Dolores R. – Strong and Healthy to do the Lord’s Work

29 Jul


For the next two weeks leading up to our Bride of Christ Brunch, (a fun ministry event for all women which involves yummy food, speakers, worship, pampering, and shopping at the end,) we’ll be featuring amazing women of God who are sharing on the same topic that we’ll be hearing about at the conference: how to be strong and healthy enough to do the Lord’s work, and how to grow closer to the Lord. 🙂

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Today’s interview will feature Dolores Rivera, a Director/Producer for Cheroubim Kingdom Productions, and a Visi Distributor.  Thanks for sharing, Dolores! 🙂

How do you eat/cook healthy or plan healthy meals on the go?

In general, our family enjoys eating healthy. I make things like cucumber salad, grilled chicken with broccoli, and potatoes. Also, I love giving my kids our Visi protein chews. I cut them up into small pieces, and they eat it like it’s candy.

What are some easy ways to add fitness or activity to you or your family’s life?

We like to go on walks, and we play four square with the basketball in the front yard as a family. At home, we turn on music and just start dancing, and the kids don’t even realize that it’s exercise.

What is your favorite way to spend time with the Lord?

My favorite thing to do with the Lord is soaking in prayer. My kids and I do it together as we mediate on God and write down or draw pictures or things He tells us.

Thanks again for sharing, Dolores!  Feel free to check out her website at

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