Micah H. – Strong and Healthy to do God’s Work

5 Aug

For the next few days leading up to our Bride of Christ Brunch, (a fun ministry event for all women which involves yummy food, speakers, worship, pampering, and shopping at the end,) we’ll be featuring amazing women of God who are sharing on the same topic that we’ll be hearing about at the conference: how to be strong and healthy enough to do the Lord’s work, and how to grow closer to the Lord. 🙂

Check out our event here: http://www.successcoachingandtutoring.com/Women-s-Ministry-Events.html

Today’s interview will feature Micah Harris, a teacher, ministry leader and dancer. Thanks for sharing, Micah! 🙂

How do you eat/cook healthy or plan healthy meals on the go?

We try to avoid fast food. If I ever MUST stop in for fast food, I avoid large quantities. Sometimes, I can satisfy hunger on the go with kids meal portions or select healthy choices from their menus. If I MUST get a sandwich, I just don’t add fries and soda; I will buy a bottled water.

We like to keep healthy snacks in the household too. I love Greek yogurt in the morning. Almonds, cranberries, or whole grain tortilla chips are delicious, too.

For dinner, we eat a lot of fish and steam our vegetables. All of our meals at home only take about 30 minutes to make.

What are some easy ways to add fitness or activity to you or your family’s life?

My husband and I love to go jogging together. I really appreciate the change of scenery and companionship. Additionally, I add dance classes and rehearsals to my workout routine. I love “accidental working out”. I want a good workout while enjoying myself and not being completely aware of “the burn”. On a treadmill, time drags, I’m not going anywhere, and after what feels like 30 minutes have passed, I will find where I have only burned 3 calories, ran .01 miles, and have been running for 5 minutes.

What is your favorite way to spend time with the Lord?

I like to start my day with thanksgiving. I read my “Verse of the Day”, asking God to reveal its personal meaning to me throughout the day, and then I say something like, “Thank you, Jesus, for this day” before my to-do list, or impending tasks, or anything else steals my joy.

Thanks again for sharing, Micah!



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