My Happy, Frugal Thanksgiving Wish

28 Nov


hubby pic


Here is a picture of my hubby and I at a recent wedding.  Like most Thanksgivings, we ate a-lot!lol…  Let’s face it.  For most of us, Thanksgiving is all about the yams, stuffing, turkey, (repeat!lol,) and then passing out in front of the TV to watch football, and starting over.  🙂 Yes, I love to eat too, but let’s not forget to remember the thing we should be most thankful for – all the blessings that our God has given us.

food cpc

Here is a picture of some of the food at a recent party I attended – this might look like a simple spread to some, but let’s not forget that there are people out there who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.   We’re upset that we haven’t lost weight, while others are wondering where their next meal is coming from.  While we are busy trying to de clutter, design, and stage our houses, there are people who are wondering how they’ll get toys this Christmas.  (Below is a picture of my son and his friend – we went through the toys and gave many of them away.) 🙂



So, let’s not get so caught up in the gluttony and materialism, and forget to thank God for the things that really matter – for the things that are eternal.  Set your eyes on things above.  We are on this earth for a short time.  All of the riches, 401K and retirement savings, awards, glory, houses, and things will one day slip through our fingers as we pass on to be with Jesus, the eternal lover of our souls!  Let’s begin living for the things that really matter, and give thanks for the little things! 🙂



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