When You Feel like you’re not good enough

15 Jan

babies on bikes

Here is a picture of my kids riding their bikes in the backyard – and yes, you can see the homemade safety patio gate made from lawn chairs, a toy roof, and the grill!lol…just trying to keep my babies safe! 🙂

Often, I wonder if I’m doing everything I can to be a good mom.  In whatever stage of life we’re in, career person, mother, father, student, or wherever we are, we often have a nagging sense that we could be doing more, or doing a better job.

As a mom, I read all of the mommy blogs, but lately, I’ve had to step back.  I have had to realize that God has equipped me to be the best mom that I can be.  Yes; I can read and study on how to do better, how to best educate my kids, what activities to do with them, and all of the parenting techniques that I can find in the  books, but nothing is better than just being a person who loves God and has His peace surrounding you.  🙂

That’s what my kids will really benefit from – a mama who is totally and 100% focused on loving and pleasing God – let’s face it…the peace, joy, and love that radiates from someone who has been in the presence of our Lord is just amazing, and everyone can feel it and enjoy it! 🙂

Whatever stage you’re in, set your eyes on things above.  Nothing else matters but God.  If you lose your house, you can still have God.  Material things come and go, but a loving relationship with your heavenly Father, and the peace that it brings, will stand the test of fire and time! 🙂



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