Dear Mama of Babies…

25 Mar


Here is a picture of me when my “babies” looked more like babies.  🙂

Although my “babies” are now 2.5 and four, I can still remember those sleepless nights, and lately I’ve had so many moms ask me if it “gets any easier,” (almost as if they’re asking in hopes for reassurance.)  🙂  So this note is written with lots of love for mamas of babies, or maybe just for those who are curious!lol…  🙂



Dear Mama of Babies,

When you became pregnant, you imagined your sweet cuddly baby, and how you would wrap your little one in all of those soft blankets, and hold them in your arms.

You still do all of those things, 🙂 but add to that spit up, poopy diapers, waking up every three hours at night to breastfeed or pump, and having someone who needs you 24/7.

And if you have older kids, it is even harder – you have older ones who want your attention, plus a little one who is crying, and you might not even know why.

Mommy, know that one day that baby will grow legs and start walking.  🙂  He will use the bathroom on his own, sleep through the night, and drink juice from a sippy cup.  Soon there will be no more bottles.  There will be lots more sleep.  There will be time in the morning to put on foundation, blush, eye shadow, and even eye liner too…but you will still probably wear a “mom ponytail” just b/c it’s easier.  🙂

And if you’re feeling bad b/c you once had a career and you wonder if you still have “a brain,” 🙂 realize that you only get to have a baby once.  Enjoy it!  You have the rest of your life to continue your career as Biochemist.  🙂  And while some Moms are Biochemists and also have babies, don’t feel bad b/c you’re not doing both – to each her own.

I was back to teaching online a day after my babies were born, and worked part time two mornings each week just two weeks later while my mom watched the babies, and it worked out great for me – but don’t feel bad if you’re not working, and don’t believe that lie that you’re not “productive” just b/c you don’t have a job outside of the home – God has a different plan for every woman, and motherhood is a high calling. 🙂

No more comparisons.  No more wishing this time away.  Yes; it is a tiring time, but one day your babies will be toddlers, and you’ll wonder where the time went.

Hang in there mama! 🙂





Lauren is a Christ loving mama of two who enjoys being a wife, a mother, a friend, and a Jesus follower! She enjoys ministering to women of all ages, and inspiring others to live out their purposes for the Lord. Her hobbies include blogging, speaking, making and selling all-natural soaps and beauty products, cooking healthy foods, and doing Zumba. Along with homeschooling her children by day, Lauren also does SAT/ACT, Writing, and Spanish tutoring by night, and enjoys working with students while sipping hot coffee at Starbucks. She also enjoys traveling, the beach, being a minimalist, laughing, spending time with friends, finding more ways to be more frugal, and having movie nights with her husband.

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