Can God Trust you with More?

26 Jun


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For years I prayed for God to give me more influence, money, and to expand my businesses and ministries, but I truly believe that He knew not to do it because I wasn’t entirely ready yet.  It’s kind of like the “small-town girl goes to the city” scenario that we hear all the time of the farm girl who goes to Hollywood to make it as a star, only to get caught up in all kinds of crazy things because she didn’t have the experience and grounding yet to withstand all the negatives.

Throughout my life, I would sometimes grow frustrated because it felt like things weren’t happening fast enough or on my desired time table.  Now I realize two things: I should have been happy in the moment instead of waiting for “future success” to be happy, and maybe I wasn’t ready for the increase, kind of like the small town girl.  Maybe God knew that I had some more areas to grow in before releasing me into my full purpose.

When I would ask God for more, and not just more money, but for more influence, a greater reach, a greater ministry, more success in business, He would often talk back!  🙂  Not in a loud, audible voice, but moreso in just like a small thought that would cross my mind after I asked for these things.  Here are some things that God would ask me when I asked for more:

You want to have more influence?  Why?  Just for fame, money, and recognition, or do you want more “influence” to be an example, to point others back to God, to help change lives, and to give some of the money back to help those in need?  (For me, I’ve learned that money is just a tool – a tool to accomplish what God wants.  If God gives me $1000, and then puts it on my heart to give someone $600 who needs it, then I need to do it, and to trust that God will still provide for my needs and then some.  When we get too tight with money and forget that it’s just a tool, then I believe that it cuts God off from giving us more.)    And it doesn’t have to just be money – it could be our time.  Before I worked full time from home and had more time in the days, there would be days that I was tired, but I knew that God wanted me to volunteer, to visit someone who needed a friend, to invite people over for dinner who needed someone to talk to, or to do something that required emotional energy from me.  I won’t lie and say that I was always obedient, 🙂  but over time I realized that even I didn’t have a lot of money, there were still plenty of ways that I could give back.  I truly believe that when God sees that we give in whatever way He asks without hesitation, then He knows that He can trust us with more.

A while back, a mentor from an online group that I’m in said that “God will only make our name great if He knows that we will make His name great.”  So many of us wish for greatness.  But if we get it, what are our plans for it?  To move out to the suburbs in a mansion with just our family to enjoy the wealth and forget the rest of the world?  Or, will we use our influence to show others God’s love, to be a visible example of someone who lives a holy lifestyle and does their best to always do the right thing, and to champion the needs of the poor, widows, and those who can’t speak out for themselves?


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Sometimes, I believe that God gives us a a bit of influence just to test us and see if we’re ready for more.  Let’s say that we get a promotion at work, or a position at church.  Do we treat those that we are over well, or do we micromanage, act arrogant, and stop listening to others because we start to feel that the promotion means we are better than others?


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Or, do we accept the position with grace, demonstrate that we can still be a servant to those who are working under us, and avoid bragging about it?

For what seems like most of my life, every time I have wanted “more,” it seems like God has always asked me why.  Because of my faith, I believe that nothing happens by chance.  Everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t understand it.  So if I receive a promotion, success, or a new title, I believe that with that increase comes a greater level of accountability.  How have I used the increase to better the lives of others and to make God’s name great?  (I am not against enjoying what God has given me, but I do believe that I also need to consider the purpose that God has for the increase as well.)

How about you?  When you receive an increase, promotion, or success in a certain area, how have you used that influence for the good of others, or to bring the glory back to God?



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Lauren is a wife, mother, Jesus-lover, Blogger, certified Life Coach, Professor, the owner of a Spanish Immersion Christian preschool, and the owner of Lauren’s Lathers, an organic beauty company, (making her own home-made Soaps, Scrubs, Shea Butters, and more!)  She is excited to soon be starting her Professional/Master Esthetics Certification Program this Fall to eventually open a spa for women that will offer a variety of Spa Treatments for the whole woman – (Microderm, facials, waxing, makeup, massage, spray tans, etc.) along with Life Coaching.  She loves Zumba, Pilates, soaking worship, dreaming and manifesting, the beach, chocolate, berry smoothies, travel, and spending time with her friends, family and children.  Her life’s mission  is to be happy, to help others, and to spread God’s love, as well as to be an Author, Motivational speaker, Consultant and Coach – her first book will be available soon, and she will soon be re-launching her Coaching Business, specializing in Business Start up Coaching and Parenting Coaching, so keep an eye out!  : )


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