Are you an example to those around you?

6 Jul


Many days, I wake up ready to take charge and to take action.  : )  But then some days, I just want to sleep in until 11 a.m. and accomplish nothing!lol…  And while I do have the occasional days off when I free up my schedule just to relax, more often than not, there is something to do.  …Little mouths to feed, dinner to cook, employees to train, papers to grade, and babies to bathe.   And while I love being active, sometimes, I’ll jokingly say, “I wish that the Lord didn’t trust me with so much…then life might be a little easier.”

Although I was joking when I said this out loud to a mentor, she picked up on the fact that there was some truth to it, and she gently reminded me in so many words that although it’s nice to dream that we live on a deserted island with nothing to accomplish, (lol,) the reality is that God put us here to accomplish a purpose.  So that means that the people in our lives, the work that we do, and the activities that we are involved in are all a part of God’s plan to touch others around us.

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That really put it into perspective for me.  Instead of wishing for less responsibility, (which isn’t going to happen anytime soon with a four and five year old plus all the things that God wants me to do,) 🙂  I should embrace the roles that God has given me and try to be a positive example to those who need me.

So I thought about my life.  Who am I in contact with?  How do they view me?  Am I a positive force in people’s lives?  When someone gets a text from me, do they dread reading it, or do they anticipate that it will be a positive, kind note?  When people speak with me, are they left feeling encouraged and understood, or diminished and negative?  When I interact with all of my little ones, do they feel God’s love, warmth and grace, or do they sense someone who is preoccupied or not focused on their needs? 

Finally I understood.  The answer to having peace isn’t to get rid of all your obligations.  It’s to plug into the ones that God sees as most important in your life, and to make a positive impact on the people in those situations.

Now, each day that I wake up, I ask, “God, what do you want from me today?”  “Who needs a warm touch, a kind word, and a patient, listening ear?”  “What is the one thing today that you want me to accomplish?”  Many days, I’ll just hear a simple “love my children,” or “reach out to your friend who is going through a hard time.” 

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I’ll be honest.  This isn’t an easy way to live.  We all have our days when we don’t want to consider others – we just want to think of ourselves.  But God wants us to go to a higher place in Him where each day, to a place where we want to please Him, do good for others, and be an example.  🙂

So I’ll ask you the same question that I often ask myself – are you an example to those around you?  What would your co-workers say about you when you weren’t around?  What would your facebook friends say about the type of comments that you post – do your words leave people better off than when they logged on?  What would the girl who bagged your groceries last night say?  What would the guy who swiped your gym card this morning say?

This is not to leave anyone paranoid, 🙂  but rather just to get us all thinking more about the example that we set to others, and the legacy that we’re leaving.   So one last question – 🙂  When people think of you, what would they say?



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Lauren is a wife, mother, Jesus-lover, Blogger, certified Life Coach, Professor, the owner of a Spanish Immersion Christian preschool, and the owner of Lauren’s Lathers, an organic beauty company, (making her own home-made Soaps, Scrubs, Shea Butters, and more!)  She is excited to soon be starting her Professional/Master Esthetics Certification Program this Fall to eventually open a spa for women that will offer a variety of Spa Treatments for the whole woman – (Microderm, facials, waxing, makeup, massage, spray tans, etc.) along with Life Coaching.  She loves Zumba, Pilates, soaking worship, dreaming and goal-setting, the beach, chocolate, berry smoothies, travel, and spending time with her friends, family and children.  Her life’s mission is to be happy, to help others, and to spread God’s love, as well as to be an Author, Motivational speaker, Consultant and Coach – her first book will be available soon, and she just re-launched her Coaching Business, specializing in Business Start up Coaching and Parenting Coaching.  : )


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