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Enjoy Holiday Eating Without Gaining Weight

19 Dec

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Enjoying the holidays without gaining weight??? Say it ain’t so!! 🙂

Well, I’ve been to quite a few holiday parties so far, and I’m here to tell you that it’s possible.

How?? You may be thinking??

For me, since I started following the Paleo Diet, I’ve pretty much been able to eat what I wanted while still losing weight.

The basis is eating like our Paleo Ancestors – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and all natural oils are allowed, while dairy and grains are not.

Recently at a friend’s baby shower, my friends asked about the Paleo diet, (or “lifestyle” as I prefer to call it,) and I told them the thing I loved about it is that I am not denying myself. On my plate that morning for breakfast was bacon, sausage, eggs, and plenty of fruit. Not on my plate – toast, grits, cereal with milk, etc…(You get the idea.)

And yes, I still do cheat one to two times a week, but that’s b/c I do Paleo 85:15, meaning you can have one or two cheats each week whether it’s Starbucks or a small plate of non-Paleo foods at a Christmas party.


You can totally enjoy yourself while still eating yummy foods, and the best part of the Paleo is that there’s no portion control – of course you don’t want to stuff yourself, but you really can eat these foods without worry of gaining weight. Some foods to avoid if you are trying to lose weight on the Paleo would be oils and avocado.

I’ve also been taking my Iaso Skinny Tea which I looove and that’s helped too – so far I’m down 13 pounds. I love my new Total Life Changes biz and it goes right in line with my beliefs on natural and organic living.

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I am excited that my mentor Mr. Jason Scott will be present this Sunday to train my entire team along with anyone interested in healthy living – he has made millions from the TLC Biz, and I’m so excited that he’s stopping by Sunday at four during his trip to VA Beach – if you’re interested in coming, just click send me a message, or comment here, and I’ll add you to the invite!

Remember that the holidays shouldn’t be about denying yourself – remember to still enjoy the season!! 🙂




Lauren is a wife, mother, Jesus-lover, Blogger, Certified Life Coach, Kindergarten Room Mom!, 🙂  the owner of a Spanish Immersion Christian preschool, the Owner of Golden Glow Tanning for women which will launch in January, and the owner of Lauren’s Lathers, an organic beauty company, (making her own home-made Soaps, Scrubs, Shea Butters, and more!) She is excited to about starting her Professional Esthetics Certification Program this past Fall to eventually open a spa for women that will offer a variety of Spa Treatments for the whole woman – (Facials, waxing, makeup, and spray tans,) along with Life Coaching. She loves Zumba, Pilates, soaking worship, dreaming and goal-setting, the beach, chocolate, berry smoothies, travel, and spending time with her friends, family and children. Her life’s mission is to be happy, to help others, and to spread God’s love, as well as to be an Author, Motivational speaker, Consultant and Coach – her first book will be available soon. : )


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