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Why I’m Taking it Easy this Year

9 Jan


day 3

So for the past thirty years, I feel like I’ve been working super hard at all my goals.  While it’s great to work hard, I also want to work on playing harder this year.  🙂  And by playing, I mean taking vacations with my family, doing new outings with my kids and husband, and more coffee dates and girls nights out, (or preferably ” girls night’s in” so that I can relax more…unless of course “out” involves PF or Peter Chang’s!)  🙂

For example, today I took my kids to swim lessons this morning, and they asked if we could go to the beach afterwards.  I’m honestly thinking, “what…why would we go to the beach, I want to go home and nap or play on my Tablet in bed …”  But I thought about it more and realized that I need to embrace the spontaneous more, to make fun and new memories, and that hey, the beach might just be nice on a cold day, (and since I live 20 minutes away, I really should enjoy it more than just when friends come to visit in the summer and want me to take them to the oceanfront.)  🙂

day 6

When we got to the beach, I was immediately glad we went.  I walked right down to the waves and took a deep breath of fresh air.  The kids and I dug in the sand trying to find water – nope, we didn’t get that deep, but my arms got a workout!lol…we watched a few surfers surf in the cool waters, met two friendly ladies who were walking their dogs – one was a friendly white haired dog named Mozart who tried to eat our food…lol, and we had a Paleo picnic on our blanket.  (Well, Mommy had a Paleo picinic – the kids had sandwiches, and I had Skinny Iaso Tea and a tangerine.)  🙂  And as I snapped a few pictures, I remembered how much I loved photography, and thought about getting a new camera so that I could take better pictures of nature and of family.

day 2

Spending time at the beach today was a total breath of fresh air, (not to be cliche.)  🙂  I realized that I need to be more spontaneous.  I need to make sure that I’m having fun every few days, and not just checking off things on my to do list.

day 7

As I drove to the salon later to Airbrush some of my clients, I smiled as I opened my back door to put the supplies in, and saw a backseat covered in sand.  That just means, A) I had fun, and B) now I have an excuse to get my car cleaned!lol…

day 4

Please don’t forget to take some time out to enjoy today, to enjoy your life, and to enjoy your kids.  Turning 31 this year was huge for me – I worked super hard up until this point, and now it’s time to relax more.

day 6

So that’s why this year, I’m slowing down a bit.

How about you??  How do you plan on slowing down and making time for what counts?  What fun things do you want to do with friends and family this year that you haven’t done as much before?

If you get a chance, check out my two favorite minimalism websites when you get a chance – The Minimalists and Becoming Minimalist – they have definitely discovered some great ways to slow down, de-clutter life, and enjoy what really matters.  : )

water one

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My Lazy Day on the Couch

21 Jan

Lately I have been so busy with everything – unwinding from the holidays, unpacking the news house, ( as seen below,) working out at the gym, finishing editing the book, training at work, and getting another certification…

house 1

…that sometimes it seems like life is moving faster than I am! 🙂

So lately, I’ve figured out two ways to buy myself more time:

1. Turn off the T.V. – …well how can you do this is if your family’s watching, you may be thinking??? 🙂 Well, if Veggie Tales is on, or my hubby is watching TV, then that’s fine…the point is that I’m not spending MY time in front of it. 🙂

four babies

2. I am only doing activities that I truly love or that are helping me reach the goals that God has for me. That doesn’t mean that I won’t volunteer or help others – I will just try to limit myself to two or three groups or committee’s at a time.

Since doing this, I have so much more free time in my day. (Of course I had it all along, I’m just now realizing it w/the recent changes.) 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some ways to regain your time and focus on doing only the things God has for you.

Recently at dinner, my husband said, it’s better to finish one thing than to be working on ten. Wow, this really got to me. I actually stopped eating my crab legs for a second to make a mental note of it!lol…


But the crab legs were so yummy, I had to go back and devour them..lol…

So for me, 2013 will be about BALANCE: finishing up projects I’ve been working on for years, working on some new goals of mine, and doing some fun things for myself.

So far, I’ve had some girls nights in, colored my hair, started studying for my real estate license, and am 27 pages from finishing editing the book. I’ve gotten promoted at work, got a raise, and am settling into the new house. I’m figuring out what activities I need to do, and which I don’t.


hair 2

And I’m realizing that with all of my hard work, it’s OK to also have a lazy day on the couch every now and then, like today. 🙂  It’s OK to take an evening alone at the bookstore to read some magazines, have a raspberry mocha, and munch on a mint grasshopper biscotti.  🙂  It’s OK to just relax and take some time for me!!



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Sometimes it’s OK to be a Little Selfish

1 Jun










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Some of you will immediately become offended at the title of this post, but just hold your horses and hear me out for a second. 🙂  Many of us do so much for others be it through volunteer work, helping out at church, making dinners, packing lunches, and/or doing housework.  The list could go on forever!

But did you know that you’d be a much happier person if you also scheduled some time just for yourself?

After all, you deserve it!

Ever been so busy that you just wanted to escape to the corner of the house for five uninterrupted moment of peace?  Me too!  But here’s a little secret that I’ve learned over time – it’s not healthy to be busy all the time – and always going, going going. 

I used to think it was cool to say, “Oh, I’m so busy!!”  …Kind of made me sound like I was really important!lol.. 🙂  But now I realize that I’m a better mom, wife, and person all around when I keep my time balanced, don’t overschedule myself, and take time out for “me” every now and then.

When I’m running around non-stop from place to place, everyone suffers.  I’m barking orders, there’s no time to cook, so we’re eating expensive and unhealthy takeout food.  Then house becomes a wreck because we’re all too tired to clean, and soon, my agitation has affected everyone else in the house, and we’re all miserable.

The word tells us to “be still and know that I am God.”  Do you take time to pray, read your word, and be with the Lord?  Do you get away from the kids every now and then for some “Mommy” or “Daddy” time alone?  It could be watching the game with friends, going to the movies, or getting a pedicure.  Realize that your kids don’t need you every second.

One mom I know was permanently connected to her kids at all times.  She thought she was being a good Mommy, but truth be told, she was sinking into depression.  And worse, when she wasn’t around her kids, they went crazy.  They didn’t know how to function without their mother catering to their every whim.  Kids have to know it’s not all about them 24/7.   It won’t kill them if you get a babysitter every now and then to get away.  In fact, you’ll probably be happier because you get some time away time to be an adult and not be forced into singing “If you’re happy and you know it” over and over.  🙂   Don’t get me wrong.  I love my kids dearly.  I just know that time away is rejuvenating for any parent, and it is good for children to know how to function without you.

If you’re like me, you enjoy helping others and doing for them.  But in the process, remember not to neglect yourself!

Be blessed!

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