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You are God’s Beautiful Woman

17 Sep

Guest Post from Kelly Lewis, pictured above

I have known Kelly for over five years now, and she is an amazing woman of God.  We have so much in common, and I am excited for you to read her guest post below!  🙂

Recently, as I was scrolling through Facebook, what I saw surprised me: beautiful women posing seductively, and leaving nothing to the imagination.
As women, let’s ask ourselves, what attention are we asking for when we pose in a way that can easily be classified as soft core porn, and posting it for everyone to see?
Don’t get me wrong – not judging here. I work in the entertainment industry, and I understand how hard it is to uphold a standard of modesty!
However the Bible says it very well in Proverbs— “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman with no discretion.”  When men see the value you place on your body, (or lack thereof,) it sets the standard for how they treat you.

To my single ladies –don’t let your amazing, God fearing, potential husband pass you by because you look and dress like the rest of the girls in the club displaying their bodies for attention.
To my married Christian ladies – is it fair to let the whole world view the parts of your body that the Word says are for your husband only?

Why not take the focus off of the physical, so he can fall in love with your mind and soul first? Why not save your beautiful body for the one who has taken a public vow before God to honor, love and respect you for richer or poorer?

Ladies….you’re beautiful and you’re worth more.
Kelly’s Biography

After deciding to fully pursue a career in acting within the film and television industry, Kelly B. Lewis has ambitiously, yet not desperately, moved forward utilizing every breathing day, week, and year getting her face on the on the field of the industry. She is proud alum of The Actors’ Place Studios in Virginia Beach, VA, GregAlan Williams’ Actors Breakthrough out of Atlanta, and Kristen Shaw of Atlanta. In recent years, Kelly has definitely had her priorities shaken up due to the surprise birth of her and husband Pastor Chris Lewis’ second child, Noelle. After a brief stint as a local Atlanta actor, Chris and Kelly were called to initiate youth ministry in Englewood, Florida and currently serve as Student Pastors of MaxOUT Youth out of Suncoast Worship Center.
Alongside with her main passion for being an actor, Kelly is now an actor, wife, mother, choreographer, and dancer. With the understanding of keeping her priorities in line, she putting her personal ambitions aside temporarily to effectively raise her two children, four year old daughter Halle and six month old Noelle in a God-honoring environment, as well as serve alongside her husband as he pastors MaxOUT Youth Movement.

Thanks again for sharing at Loving Life, Kelly! 🙂



The book is due out in the Fall of 2012. :)

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Teen Mom made me Grateful

15 Aug

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Although I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, last night’s episode of Teen Mom both broke my heart and me made me grateful.

I watched as Catelyn and Tyler thought about taking a semester off from school because at first, they didn’t have anyone to consult with about changing their major.  I was grateful for parents who helped me when I not only changed majors, but also schools. 🙂

I watched as Farrah unknowingly scared away her boyfriend by discussing marriage early into the relationship.  I was grateful for parents who talked to me about dating and gave me Christian books to read on relationship do’s and don’t’s.

I watched as Amber cried and fell deeper into depression, with only one friend who stood by her side.  I was grateful for parents and friends who stood with me during the hard times, and guided me back to happiness.

I watched as Maci was verbally abused and put down by the father of her baby.  I was grateful that my husband would never act like that towards myself and my children.

The more I watched, the more I wanted to hug each of these girls.  I prayed for them last night, and I am praying about starting a group for Teen girls.

Don’t forget that the people we see on TV are real people too – let’s pray for them when we feel led, and take action in our own communities to help those that we feel a burden for! 🙂

Be blessed!

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Go Gabby, Go!!

3 Aug






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Everyone’s heard about Gabby Douglas from the women’s Olympic team and her amazing accomplishments!

Today I want to honor her because we hear so much about teens getting pregnant, getting drunk, and failing out of school.

But here is a girl who goes totally against the grain!  She is determined, works hard, and loves Jesus, (even quoting scriptures when interviewed by reporters.)

As a parent, I would love to have a “sit down” with her parents to ask them what they did right.

But since I probably won’t be gettig in contact with them anytime soon, 🙂 I’ll just discuss a few things that I’ve picked up on so far.

1. They kept Gabby busy.  At 16, she wasn’t spending hours a day with her boyfriend, facing the temptation to have sex.  She was kept busy in fun activities and probably didn’t have too much time to get into trouble.

2. They raised her to love God.  Gabby quotes scriptures, and obviously loves Jesus.   Not that Christian teens are perfect, (we all know peachers kids gone wrong,) but having strong beliefs, values, and a moral sense can help teens to have a stronger sense of purpose, and a confidence in something higher than themselves to stand against peer pressure.

3. Her parents taught her to be a fighter.  Before Gabby, a black woman had never achieved what she did.  Did her parents let that stop her from trying?  Of course not!  Her gymnastics studio wasn’t able to provide her the training at eight that she needed.  Did she give up?  Of course not!  Her parents found a gym that could grow her talent.

Her parents did whatever it took so that their baby would become a success.

Today, I want to not only congratulate Gabby, but also her parents for doing a fine job in raising her!

Be blessed!

The book is due out in the Fall of 2012. :)

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Since when did “Mom” become a dirty word?

13 Jun











Growing up, I knew that I wanted to run my own business and have a corner office.  While I do have a few business ventures in the works, my “corner office” is my family room littered with toys, stuffed animals and Goldfish crumbs.  🙂

…And I wouldn’t have it any other way!  While some women don’t want kids, some may not want careers.  Some women may want to be at home raising their kids, taking them to the park, reading to them, and going to the museum with them.  Other women might want to work part time and raise their kids part time, while other women might have the kids in full time daycare while they work.  And again, some women don’t want kids at all.

Every mother makes a different decision.  But when did it become wrong to want to stay at home and be “just a mother?” (…although all moms know that “just being a mother” is a full time job.)  🙂  Just as there’s nothing wrong with a woman choosing a career instead of marriage and kids, there’s also nothing wrong with a woman who decides that she wants to be a stay at home mom.

As women, we’ve come a long way.  Instead of bashing each other for our differences and arguing over which is better, let’s celebrate the fact that we live in a country that gives us the freedom to do whatever we choose!  God’s plan is different for every woman, and just because one woman’s plan looks different from another’s does not make it any less of a good plan! 🙂

Be blessed!

The book is due out in the Fall of 2012. 🙂

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Don’t look down on today’s teens – you might be their only hope!

4 Jun


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I can’t count the number of times that I’ve heard someone say, “teens these days…I tell you…when I was that age we didn’t…”  It’s usually involves:

a) not understanding the guys wearing skinny neon colored jeans trend

b) wearing shaggy “Justin Bieber haircuts”

c) listening to “crazy, auto-tuned music” like Lady Gaga and Kesha


D) talking back to parents like “these kids” do

Can I tell you something?  If you don’t like how teens these days act, why not befriend them and be that “cool” adult that they can confide in?  Instead of hating on them and saying how much worse they are than your generation was, why not come alongside and mentor them, help them, and offer a listening ear?

I know of a lady who is in her sixties, and she has friends of all ages.  There are even 21 year old’s who come to her with their relationships issues.  And not that they can’t talk to people their own age, but this woman in her 60’s has so much wisdom to give them.  And the reason that teens are comfortable with her is because she’s not judging them or turning her nose up, (as if she didn’t live through the 60’s!!lol…)  How quickly we forget where God brought us from once we get “saved.”  I say less judging, and more loving!  (After all, the word says that they will know we are Christians by our LOVE!) 🙂

Just recently, we decided to take the kids to a park across town because we didn’t feel like driving all the way to the “family park.”  We soon found out that this park was a place where teens could go to do things behind their parents back.  There were guys and girls hugged up on the benches, and when we left, a car of full of teens smoking marijuana quickly drove off, (figuring that the “family” might call the cops.)

While my first thought was to be annoyed at these teens and wish that we had just gone to the more upscale “family” park, I realized that I shouldn’t have had such a cold heart towards them.  Although I didn’t get to talk to the teens that day, I thought back to when I was a teen.  It was definitely confusing at times.  Looking back, I realize that I should have talked to those girls that were hugged up on the boys.  I should have given them a word of encouragement instead of being annoyed that they were cuddling with their boyfriends at the picnic benches near my kids.  I pray that God gives me another chance to minister to those girls.

I always tell myself that I never want to be that person who looks down on the next generation and tells them that our hair, style, music, and fashion was “better” than theirs.  That stuff doesn’t matter anyway.  No, I want those younger than me to know me as an open, non-judgmental person who understands them, and who gently and LOVINGLY points them back to Christ.

Be blessed!

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What Every Girl Must Know Before Going Away to College

29 May


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Congratulations!  You have been accepted to college, and at the end of the summer, you’ll be moving to your dorm room.  August just can’t get here quick enough, can it???  Maybe you remember back to your college days, or you are about to go away to college in a few short months.

There are a few things every girl should know before she goes away to school:

1. One of the best pieces of advice was what my mom matter of factly told me before I left for college – “When a football player asks to “study” in your dorm, he will rape you.”  This may sound crass, but my mother always told me the truth, never sugar coating things.  While I knew not every guy would rape me, her point was well taken.  Unless you know a guy well, trust his character, and have been dating for a while, he does not deserve to be in your bedroom alone, even if you’re just hanging out.  Not all guys are like this, but many will take advantage of a closed door.  …Then it becomes your word against theirs.  Avoid getting in a sticky situation like this – do not let boys in your room alone unless you 100% trust them.  You’re worth more – not every guy deserves to be allowed into your dorm room.  I don’t care how cute he is or how much he spent at dinner.

2. Freshman girls are also known by many guys as “fresh meat.”  I hope the guys reading this know that I don’t mean all guys are like this, but let’s be honest – at 18, many guys often have something else on the brain, if you know what I mean.  🙂  Every year, a new crop of girls comes to college, and the guys are right there to take their pick.  Don’t jump into anything too fast.  Lay low for awhile.  Don’t go to every single party.  Get comfortable with college life before immediately jumping into a new relationship.

3.  What you do at Friday night’s party may come back to haunt you.  Back when I was in college, we didn’t have facebook the first year or two – (it had just come out,) so everything we did wasn’t documented within three hours of our doing it.  But even apart from social networking, all it takes is one day to ruin a great reputation.  The word tells us that a good reputation is worth far more than rubies – be careful what you do, because you represent God, and you don’t want to tarnish a good reputation.

4. You may have already heard this one – these are going to be some of the best, most memorable years of your life.  Enjoy yourself!  You don’t have to make house payments, watch kids all day, wipe runny noses and diapers, or work for eight hours a day in a tiny cubicle.  You can work an easy part time job, (sometimes getting paid more than you will after you graduate college…lol,) you don’t have to check in with anyone, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a meal plan which lets you get pre-ordered meals that are included in your tution payment.  (OK, I was a little spoiled in college, I know.)  🙂  You can take classes at noon, stay up all night with friends, and sleep in as late as you want.  Life changes pretty quickly after college, and it’s often a RUDE awakening.  So enjoy your care-free days while you can.  🙂

5.  Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you’re invincible.  Yes – you’re young, beautiful, and think you can do anything you put your mind to, (and you can!)  But that doesn’t mean you won’t get alcohol poisining if you drink too much.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant or contract an STD if you choose to have sex.  It doesn’t mean that you’ll never get a broken heart.  I know that you’re ready to conquer the world, but realize that the world doesn’t always care about you.  So be safe and use godly wisdom

6.  Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you have to give up your faith.  I know, I know…everyone else may be getting drunk, using every drug under the sun, and sleeping with a different guy every day, but it doesn’t mean that you have to.  Everyone will tell you that this is a time to explore, and to a certain extent, it is.  But why not explore your faith?  Why not get closer to God, and understand the word for yourself?  After all, you won’t just get into heaven b/c Mom and Dad are saved – you need to have a personal relationship with God for yourself.  Join a campus ministry or find a church near or on campus – don’t believe the lie that you have to be totally amoral during your college years.

I hope that these tips help! College is a fun four years!  Have a good time, be safe, and like my mom always told me, “remember who you represent!”

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